Music as means of communication and perception.
Music made in the moment on the go in contemplation.
I started as a songwriter in 2007, gradually evolving into a self-sufficient independent artist. Uninterested in PC-based music production, I experimented with electro-acoustic and field-recording before iOS came into my life. Since 2013 I have produced music solely on a mobile platform under the name of Aeger Smoothie.
All of my music is available on bandcamp, soundcloud and major streaming platforms.

Two Is Enough
IDM, Electronic, Electropop, Fakebeat
It started as a casual exploration, but turned out to be one of my longest projects. Music coming from my journeys, friends and all those times I felt happy, like the last piece of Summer that you can save for later.

Two Is Enough was made with strict self-limitation on instruments and composition methods, utilizing three iOS apps: DM1, Thumbjam and Animoog.


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Guitar ambient, Spoken words
Songs written before it was too late.

Third EP in series of guitar works, featuring British artist and poet KMara.


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Conditioned Reasons
Drone, Ambient, Noise
Conditioned Reasons is not a release per se, it is an ongoing compilation of drone tracks, mostly made in a flowing single take. Nature, industry and stream of consciousness fixed in music.


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In Progress
Ambient, IDM, Glitch, Drone, Spoken Word
Growing compilation of tracks made on the go with iOS devices.


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