Taking pictures is about fluidity.
It helps my perspective to evolve and obtain new meanings, so that after 15 years of photography, I narrowed my genres down to macro and abstract pictures.
I cooperate with musicians and other artist, making visual materials for their works, and documenting the music-life of my native city in Lo-Fi reports which end up in zines and on the Instagram profiles of people I don't even know.

Ongoing series
Abstract images, made of photographs edited with a simple reflection technique.
This was an observational experiment about the process of association. More specifically, emphasizing the differences and similarities of that process from one individual to the next.

Exhibited at GAUK NO Record Cultural Centre, 2009

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Mini series
Green explores the dynamics and plasticity of the colour green on different scales, descending from the artificial shades of the city to the natural tint of plants.

Exhibited at Hi Mir Vegan Cafe, 2018

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Digital post-process experiment
Searching for existence of boundaries of abusing and transforming pictorial with modern digital tools.

Extreme digital post-processing of regular photographs:
- grey-scale conversion with destructive algorithms
- pushing individual colours out of their original dynamic range
- artificial aging via multiple re-encoding

Exhibited at Pods0bka, 2019

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Varios exhibited pictures throughout time
A collection of abstract, macro and urban photos presented in various joint exhibitions.


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